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Calm Sea

I'm an interfaith and ordained minister, and have practiced in the Zen Buddhist tradition for many years. Most of my work has been as a hospital and hospice chaplain, offering spiritual care to patients and families. 

Now, I am performing weddings, which is a delightful and lovely way to celebrate the ongoing nature of life. 

In addition to being a wedding officiant, I am a painter, writer, photographer, advocate for abuse survivors, and parent to three grown children. I grew up in New York City, and have lived around the country (MA, CO, CA, and ME primarily) but the New York area is my home. I love the water, and have sailed all my life. Oh, I also have a rescue chihuahua who is a better meditator than I am. Her name is Blue Jean, and she is happy to assist us.

I believe that all of us, no matter our race, creed, or orientation, may create ceremonies that celebrate the sanctity of marriage. I was raised Catholic, left that behind, was a Unitarian Universalist for a while, and then embraced Buddhism, which I have practiced all my life anyway. I hope we can create a marriage ceremony together that fits your needs.

Charles Huschle, MFA, MA

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