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Bridal Bouquet


Every wedding needs an officiant. In the past, this was a priest, minister, rabbi, Imam, and so on, but now you can choose a wedding officiant to craft a wedding for you that is legally recognized.

Call me or write me. We will meet in person or via Zoom so that I can hear your stories and your needs, and so that you can check me out. I will script a ceremony for you, we will rehearse it, and then ... you will tie the knot!

I am here for you as officiant primarily, but I can also provide help in choosing a site for your wedding and in finding an event planner, if needed.

My fee for your wedding ranges from $500 to $1,000 depending on length, complexity, and location. Please let me know if you need to discuss costs. Often, guests also offer a gratuity, which can help if cost is an issue. 

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